The art of the text: how to create a fascinating history, and practice tips

What is the difference between the ability to “write texts” and the ability to create a story from which the world stands on end? Where to draw the line between ordinary words, and a new word in art? How to master the ability to build exciting plot? Is there a magical techniques to master the tricks of the trade?

Hemingway wrote, “The greatest gift a good writer – a built-in detector stressoustojchivyj schlock.” And is it possible to develop a such a detector? And how it can help to write a brilliant story?

Installation of the detector and all four sessions of the training, each lasting 2.5 hours will be devoted. In the first and the second day we will deal preparatory work and clearing the room, and the third and the fourth session will convene a team of artists put into practice their advice, embed detector and open his own literary workshop.

As the course is built:

Creative workshop “Stories from the internet and some tips from professional writers.” Meet the different ways to write terrible, terrible, unprecedented and interesting history. As a professional, and not so. We discuss the differences between them. Hear counsel, well-known writers.

Creative Workshop “making space”. We continue to talk about the difference of texts and writers of short stories. Doing exercises on writing skills. Learn a rather short story genre. Just short. And the story of a single sentence.

Take into service all the tips and apply them in practice. Install the detector: learn to distinguish the fake from the real diamond.

Creative workshop “Goldsmith”. We synthesize our experience: we write and discuss our stories.

After completing the training, participants will be able to see and describe things that had not previously noticed. They will get acquainted with the views of professional writers and learn how to put into practice the necessary advice. Fixed a lie detector will help them distinguish a fake from the real creativity and create their own stories in a new way.

You may visit each class separately!

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