The general structure of an essay introduction

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The introduction should contain a commentary on the topic of the essay – perhaps the definition of key concepts and explain how you understand the question. Also in this section you need to list what aspects of the topic you will be treated and why.
Remember that an essay – it is not a novel, so you need to choose a few basic arguments, revealing the subject. The introduction should give a clear idea of ​​what will be discussed further, and the teacher must see that you give the answer to a specific set of questions posed.
So, a good introduction should:
demonstrate your intention to answer the question;
show that you understand the topic;
delineate the structure of your answer and the main aspects that you consider (your plan);
confirm that you have spent some study and refer to one of your sources;
fully comply with the theme;
be concise and take about 8-9% of the total amount of text (for example, 120 words essay of 1,500 words).
Note: Those who are easier to navigate not the number of words and number of characters, it is useful the following formula: one English word in the average take for 6 characters (including spaces), ie an essay of 500 words about contains 3000 characters with spaces.
Start your essay with a passphrase, which will mark the direction of your response. For example:
This essay deals with … ( «This essay is dedicated to …”)
This assignment will examine … ( «In this paper, we consider …”)
This report will analyse … ( «This report analyzes the …”)
Use the same or a similar wording as in the essay topic. If the question sounds like “Discuss recent developments in communication technology” ( «The current developments in communication technologies”), then you can write in the introduction: “This essay will consider recent developments in the field of communication technology …” ( «Here essay will address recent developments in communications technology … “). A little more certainty: do not leave the reader room for doubt.

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