SGC Services

Our Expertise

Within our organisation we offer a range of services and aim to treat each project with a level of uniqueness to create an innovative solution for our clients and deliver a successful project.

Each discipline we offer is delivered to a high quality standard and is tailored to the project’s specific requirements.

Civil Design

SGC provides civil design services across all stages of a development proposal including Development Applications (DA) and Construction Certificates and Documentation (CC/CD).

The range of Civil Design covers:

  • Road Design;
  • Grading;
  • Public Domain;
  • Bulk Earthworks;
  • Cut & Fill; and
  • Pavement Design.
Stormwater Design

At SGC, our specialty is developing stormwater drainage designs that are environmentally and financially sustainable for every project.

At DA stage, concept stormwater designs and reports in support of the proposed development application are essential for the timely approval by the local authorities. SGC has established a long term relationship with authorities through our dealings with their engineering departments over the years.

During Construction Certificate (CC) and Construction Documentation (CD) stages, SGC has gained a wealth of experience in the design and the documentation of stormwater drainage to meet the requirements of the local authorities, the BCA and the BDP Act. Through our involvement with architects and other discipline consultants, we have been able to produce detailed and coordinated documentation suitable for construction.

Our services include:

  • Stormwater Concept Design;
  • Stormwater Detailed Design;
  • On-Site Detention Design;
  • WSUD Design;
  • Infrastructure Upgrade;
  • Stormwater Management Reports;
  • Roof Drainage Design;
  • Erosion & Sediment Control Plans; and
  • Soil & Water Management Plans.

SGC has a wide range of skills but in particular specialises in the fields of water resources, water cycle management and flooding.

Over the years, SGC has been involved in numerous flood studies in support of land subdivision and development for the natural and built environment. We specialise in:

  • 1D/2D flood modelling;
  • Flood Impact Studies;
  • Flood Risk Management Plans; and
  • Flood Response & Emergency Evacuation Plans.

SGC has a number of industry standard numerical modelling, geographical information system and drawing/civil design tools (including TUFLOW, XP-STORM, DRAINS, MUSIC, MAPINFO, CIVIL 3D and AutoCAD) at our disposal, ensuring that the most advanced tools are available to aid decision making.


Our traffic engineers assist project architects in delivering projects that comply with Australian Standards through the provision of:

  • Internal Traffic Management Plan;
  • Traffic & Parking Layout Design;
  • Traffic Generation Assessment;
  • Construction Traffic Management Plan (CTMP); and
  • Swept Paths Analysis.

Our traffic management reports in support of a development proposal are produced in accordance with local authority LEP/DCP requirements.

Construction Stage Services

In line with our commitment through the life span of a development project, SGC offers construction stage services that assist builders and contractors in their works to ensure that the end product is compliant with the design and the relevant authorities’ requirements.

SGC’s experienced staff carry out site inspections on a regular basis and produce inspection reports to aid the contractors in achieving high quality works during the construction stage.

SGC staff also inspect public domain works on behalf of Council to ensure that the works are in accordance with the council’s guidelines for engineering.